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John Cook

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Welcome to John Cook Music.

This site is dedicated to the life and music of John Cook.  John began his love of music and writing at age 10.  His Mother, Thyra Cook was an accomplished piano player and music teacher.  John learned to play guitar and sing by playing along with his Mom and listening to his Dad's records, George Jones, Hank Williams and of course Waylon !  During his teenage years he fell in love with the music of the Beatles, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, CCR and the Monkees.  By age 16 he and his two brothers, David and Ray, had formed a group " Southern Rock Express" and recorded their first 45 in 1971.

Over the last 48 years John has been with several bands and recorded over 15 albums.  John still enjoys writing and recording and playing music with his friends; Ron Moore and Jeff Cook of Tennessee T, Rickey Johnson, Ray Cook and James Hampton of Nexus and numerous other solo projects.  As recent as 2010 John completed a new album " Unplugged and Breathing on My Own" and is currently working on two new projects including new albums with NEXUS, and an album with Ron Moore "FAT CATS".

We hope you enjoy the web-site and encourage you to support Independant Artists when ever you can, it all starts and ends with them and is always about the Music.

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